Interest Rates

Auto Loan Interest Rates

Osagie Gabriel Irowa - Auto Loan Interest RatesCar Loan Interest rates range from 0% to 29.5%.

Interest rates for auto loans in Ontario Canada are set according to the current condition of your own credit such as ones credit rating and history. Prime or good credit borrowing is usually a score above 630, and car loan interest rates in Ontario Canada for a prime customer are generally 9.99% and below. A credit score between 300 and 629 is considered “special finance” or “subprime” where interest rates are a bit higher.

Special Finance (less than perfect credit scores) interest rates for auto loans in Ontario will usually fall between 10% and 29.5% depending on your own credit rating and present personal circumstances. As each individual situation is unique and different when applying for an loan with bad credit, poor credit or bankruptcy,

In order to determine your exact interest rate, our agents will need to pull your credit. However, we will still be able to give you a close approximate on interest rates once we have discussed your situation over the phone.